youtheory Daily Fat Burner, 130 Vegetarian Capsules

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  • Non-Stimulant
  • Promotes Abdominal Fat Loss
  • Take 1 Capsule Twice Daily With Food
  • Dairy Free, Soy Free
  • No Gluten Ingredients, Vegetarian Capsules

When used in conjunction with a reduced calorie diet and sensible exercise, this fat-burning formula can help in the following areas:

+ supports healthy weight management*

+ helps reduce body weight*

+ helps reduce body fat*

+ improves body composition*

+ promotes abdominal fat loss*


Citrus fruits are most commonly thought of as a source of vitamin C, but citrus fruits are so much more complex - from a nutritional and wellness standpoint. The term "citrus" covers a diverse group of tropical/subtropical fruits (such as oranges, lemons and limes) that are bursting with phytochemicals. In particular, citrus fruits supply a range of polyphenols that serve important biological functions in plants.


Sinetrol® Citrus Fruit Blend is a powerful fruit combination made from the juice, peels and seeds of select fruit varieties: red orange, sweet orange, grapefruit and guarana. This patented mixture is standardized to 90% polyphenols and contains a total synergistic polyphenol content that is unlike anything found in nature.

Studies show that polyphenols, especially those found in Sinetrol®, possess unique fat-burning power. Polyphenols enhance the function of lipase – a cellular enzyme that helps break down adipose and burn it for energy.*


Capsimax® is a concentrated, highly-active capsicum extract made from red hot chili peppers. Encapsulated in a controlled-release coating, Capsimax - delivers effective levels of capsaicinoids without the oral and gastric burning sensation.

Studies show that capsaicinoids can support healthy weight management in three important ways:

1) increasing resting metabolic rate

2) increasing the breakdown of fat stores

3) reducing appetite and caloric intake*