Nature's Bounty Ultra Strength Probiotic 10, 70 Capsules

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Nature’s Bounty® Ultra Strength Probiotic 10 is the answer to your everyday probiotic needs. Shaped by over 20 years of clinical research, Probiotic 10 provides 20 billion live cultures** and 10 times the diversity of probiotic strains* to help supplement the natural diversity of your microbiome. †

Featuring clinically studied strains of probiotics, Probiotic 10 delivers good bacteria to your system. These strains aid in the body’s natural digestive process, and contribute to immune function and upper respiratory health, all in just one daily capsule.†

What are probiotics?

Probiotics are friendly bacteria that provide health benefits by supplementing your microbiota, the microbes naturally living on our bodies. Most of the microbes in and on our bodies are bacteria that live in our digestive tract. There is a wide assortment of different strains of bacteria found in and on the body and they number in the trillions! The word probiotic comes from a Greek term that means “for life”, so it’s no wonder probiotics are valued for their ability to help maintain overall health. †

Which probiotic should I take?

The best probiotics to take can depend on the characterized strain and clinical research for a desired health benefit. Think of probiotic strains like plant varieties in a vegetable or flower garden. Just as plant varieties might have distinguishing characteristics, knowing the strain in addition to the genus and species can tell you a lot about a probiotic supplement. Strain variety also helps to support the natural diversity of your gut microbiome. †

Aside from strain variety, Nature’s Bounty® Ultra Strength Probiotic 10 provides three clinically studied probiotic strains that you can rely on to support digestive health, immune health, and upper respiratory health.ⴕ These strains are backed by over 20 years of research.

Why should I take probiotic supplements?

Dietary supplements are intended to fill nutritional gaps in the diet. For example, a person who does not regularly eat seafood is likely to have an inadequate intake of certain omega-3 fatty acids and may benefit from a fish oil supplement. Similarly, probiotic supplements can fill any gaps for people who do not get enough probiotics from their diet, or who are looking for support for occasional lifestyle stressors such as a low fiber diet or antibiotic use. †

Food sources of probiotics include fermented foods such as yogurt, kefir, sauerkraut, miso and kimchi. However, these fermented foods often contain organisms meant for food production, but not clinically studied for specific health benefits. Aside from scientific substantiation of probiotics, it is also important to consider the variety of different organisms in the diet. A person who eats yogurt every day may not be getting an adequate variety of organisms to suit their needs.

A diet that includes fermented foods can also be supplemented with probiotics to improve the quality, quantity and variety of strains they consume. Nature’s Bounty Ultra Strength Probiotic includes three clinically studied strains for digestive health, immune health, and upper respiratory health.†

What does probiotic CFU mean?

The organism count generally refers to the number of colony forming units (CFU) in a product. This number represents the quantity of live microbial cells provided by that product – each viable microbe has the ability to multiply and form a colony of identical microbes when tested in the lab. There is no clear cut answer as to how many CFUs you need as it depends not only on the strain, but also on the health benefit being sought.

How should probiotics be stored?

The amount of CFUs listed on the bottle of your supplements can change depending on how your probiotics are packaged and stored since probiotics are susceptible to environmental factors. Proper storage of your probiotics minimizes environmental exposure and helps maintain the integrity of the product.

Nature’s Bounty® Ultra Strength Probiotic 10 provides its health benefits at 20 billion CFU per day.† The new and improved formula is guaranteed through time of expiration, so you know you’re getting the maximum amount of probiotics throughout its shelf life. The viability of the probiotics is ensured through the use of advanced bottles that are engineered to include a desiccant sleeve to absorb and control moisture.

It’s recommended that you keep the product in its original container and in a cool, dry, place. Making sure the bottle is tightly sealed helps protect the integrity of your product. Also, avoid storing probiotic supplements in areas such as a bathroom where showers can generate excessive humidity.


There is a flurry of emerging research to help us better understand how probiotics benefit overall health and wellness.† All along the GI tract, the presence of friendly organisms creates a balance between bacteria that should flourish and those that should be kept at lower levels.† Collectively, the GI microbiome aids in digestion of food and absorption of nutrients and supports healthy function of the tissues lining the intestine, including key parts of the immune system.† It’s been stated that around 70% of all immune cells reside in the GALT or gut-associated lymphoid system, so gut health and immune health go hand in hand. Optimal function of the immune system is also key to helping maintain upper respiratory health.

Probiotic 10 contains 10 different probiotic strains that provide variety to help supplement the natural diversity in your digestive tract. † Included in these strains is patented probi-digestis® Lactobacillus plantarum 299v or Lp299v® for short, a unique and clinically studied strain that delivers additional good bacteria to your system to promote digestive and intestinal health.† The product also provides Lactobacillus plantarum HEAL9 and Lactobacillus paracasei 8700:2, two strains that are clinically studied to provide support for healthy immune function and upper respiratory health.†

Support During Stress: When your body is under a ton of stress, it can alter the mixture of bacteria found in your digestive tract. With probiotics, you can help increase “good bacteria” and promote a healthy digestive tract, which is helpful, especially during times of stress.

Immune Support: Probiotics keep your digestive system healthy and contribute to your body’s immune function. †A large percentage of the body’s immune system is located in the gastrointestinal tract.

Reduce Bloating: It’s not uncommon for certain foods to cause bloating. One way to reduce the occasional feeling of gas or fullness is to take a probiotic supplement daily to support abdominal comfort and beat the bloat. †

Overall Wellness: Probiotics work to assist your body’s ability to digest food and supports a favorable environment for the absorption of nutrients to help you feel your best †

What makes Probiotic 10 different?

Diversity is a key hallmark of a healthy microbiome, and given its importance, a single probiotic strain is unlikely to meet your everyday probiotic needs. Just like different vitamins and minerals have different functions in the body, each probiotic strain has an individual role to play as well. For instance, some strains support intestinal health, others support immune function, and still others help balance the female microflora.

Nature’s Bounty’s® Ultra Strength Probiotic 10 has a variety of 10 distinct strains to support a healthy you. It can be thought of as a multivitamin for your microbiome! Just one pill per day!

It’s also important for probiotic strains to be characterized and clinically researched for the desired health benefit. Nature’s Bounty® Ultra Strength Probiotic 10 provides three clinically studied probiotic strains you can rely on to support digestive health, immune health, and upper respiratory health.† These clinically studied strains are backed by over 20 years of research.

Nature’s Bounty® Ultra Strength Probiotic 10 also provides 20 billion CFU per serving throughout expiration. The product quality is ensured through proper storage, shipment, and advanced bottle packaging with desiccant technology to control moisture and maintain the integrity of the product.

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