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Kirkland Signature Daily Multi is specially
formulated to provide a full spectrum of
vitamins and minerals to help fill nutrient gaps
when we can’t eat right or eat the right foods to
meet the recommended daily intake.
It contains Calcium and Vitamin D to support
bones and teeth.

It also contains vitamins and minerals to
• The immune system, such as Vitamin C
• Eye health, such as Lutein
• Antioxidant activity, such as Vitamin E
• Plus a wide range of other nutrients

With the busy lives that we lead, eating the right combination of foods that contain the essential and important nutrients we need every day isn’t always possible. If we cannot derive these vitamins and minerals from our diets, supplementing with a multivitamin, such as Kirkland Signature Daily Multi may be a beneficial alternative.

Our product is scientifically formulated for your overall good health and may provide just the right support by adding specific nutrients that may be lacking in your daily diet. Consider Kirkland Signature Daily Multi with vitamin D, calcium, B-vitamins, and many minerals to get you through the day.

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